Andrew J. R. Puckett, Associate Professor, Department of Physics

Professor Puckett in office

The photo above shows members of the group on the BigBite Spectrometer service platform in Hall A of Jefferson Lab during the SBS installation in July 2021. From left to right: Prof. Puckett, Dr. Eric Fuchey, Graduate Research Assistants Sebastian Seeds and Provakar Datta. Professor Puckett is an experimental nuclear/particle physicist studying the internal structure of strongly interacting matter in high-energy fixed-target electron-nucleon and electron-nucleus scattering experiments at Jefferson Lab (JLab). The recently completed 12 GeV upgrade of JLab's Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility to a maximum beam energy of 11 GeV (12 GeV) for electron-beam (photon-beam) experiments, augmented by state-of-the-art target and detector systems, together with high-speed data acquisition and high-performance computing, has enabled a world-leading physics program leading to three-dimensional imaging of the internal quark structure of protons, neutrons and nuclei with unprecedented precision in both coordinate and momentum space. The ultimate goal of the experiments is to understand how strongly interacting matter is built from its elementary quark and gluon constituents in terms of Quantum Chromodynamics, the generally accepted theory of the strong interaction within the Standard Model. Click the image to see the list of publications and citations (according to Google Scholar).

Recent news/events

Hall A Winter Collaboration Meeting and High-Energy Workshop

Professor Puckett was at Jefferson Lab the week of January 23-27 to give an invited talk on the science that would be enabled by a potential future energy upgrade of CEBAF to 22 GeV, for the Jefferson Lab Users’ Organization Board of Directors Meeting, and for the Hall A Winter Collaboration Meeting. The invited talk […]

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UConn/SBS Graduate Students Win JLUO Poster Competition

Graduate students from the SBS collaboration won the first (Provakar Datta, UConn) and 3rd (Maria Satnik, College of William and Mary) prizes and an honorable mention (Sebastian Seeds, UConn) in the graduate student poster competition at the Jefferson Lab Users’ Organization annual meeting. Links to the posters and short video overviews of the posters can […]

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