Andrew J. R. Puckett, Associate Professor, Department of Physics

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Professor Puckett is an experimental nuclear/particle physicist studying the internal structure of strongly interacting matter in high-energy fixed-target electron-nucleon and electron-nucleus scattering experiments at Jefferson Lab (JLab). The recently completed 12 GeV upgrade of JLab's Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility to a maximum beam energy of 11 GeV (12 GeV) for electron-beam (photon-beam) experiments, augmented by state-of-the-art target and detector systems, will enable a world-leading physics program leading to three-dimensional imaging of the internal quark structure of protons, neutrons and nuclei with unprecedented precision in both coordinate and momentum space. The ultimate goal of the experiments is to understand how strongly interacting matter is built from its elementary quark and gluon constituents in terms of Quantum Chromodynamics, the theory of the strong interaction. Click the image to see the list of publications and citations (according to Google Scholar)

Recent news/events

New precision measurements of proton form factors at high energy

The Hall A Collaboration at Jefferson Lab is reporting new precision measurements of the cross section for elastic electron-proton scattering at large values of the momentum transfer Q2 and low values of the virtual photon polarization ε. These new data significantly improve the precision of our knowledge of the proton’s magnetic form factor at large […]

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New precision measurement of the neutron skin thickness of Lead-208

The PREX/PREX-II collaboration is reporting new measurements of the parity-violating asymmetry in elastic electron scattering from the Lead-208 nucleus. This asymmetry, which is generated by the interference between the electromagnetic and weak neutral current interactions between the electron and the nucleus, is highly sensitive to the difference in size between the proton and neutron distributions […]

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New Nature publication: More anti-down quarks than anti-up quarks in the proton

The SeaQuest/E906 Collaboration at Fermilab has published new data on measurements of the ratio of anti-down over anti-up quarks in the proton, obtained by studying the Drell-Yan process in collisions of a 120 GeV proton beam from the Fermilab main injector with protons and neutrons in liquid hydrogen and deuterium targets. In the Drell-Yan process, […]

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