Current Group Members

Current group members

List of People
Provakar DattaGraduate Student

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Eric FucheyPostdoctoral Research Associate

Dr. Eric Fuchey has been a group member since 2016. Dr. Fuchey received his Ph.D. from the Universit√© Blaise Pascal in Clermont-Ferrand, France in 2010. His dissertation research focused on the exclusive electroproduction of neutral pions in the hard-scattering regime in Jefferson Lab’s Hall A. These results were published in Physical Review C in 2011. Prior to joining UConn, he previously held postdoctoral research appointments at Temple University and at the CEA Saclay. Dr. Fuchey is the author of more than twenty refereed journal publications.¬† He is currently leading the development of the Monte Carlo simulation, event reconstruction and data analysis software for the Super BigBite Spectrometer (SBS) family of experiments, planned to begin in 2020 in Jefferson Lab’s Hall A.

Sebastian SeedsGraduate Student

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