Sebastian Seeds

Graduate Student


Sebastian joined the group in 2018 as a PhD student interested in experimental nuclear
physics. He earned his Bachelor’s degree double-majoring in Physics and Philosophy from the
University of Colorado, Boulder in 2014 where he graduated Magna cum Laude for his work in
the Nagle experimental nuclear group and sPHENIX located at RHIC, Brookhaven National Lab.
Between undergraduate and graduate studies (2014-2018), Sebastian worked in plastics and
metal injection molding and manufacturing as a Quality Engineer and Analyst specializing in
quality control systems.

Sebastian’s primary work in the Puckett group includes Monte-Carlo simulations, installation,
commissioning, experimental running, and data analysis for the GMn experiment (precision measurement of the
neutron magnetic form factor at Jefferson National Laboratory – part of the Super BigBite (SBS)
family of experiments). Additionally, Sebastian has worked on quantum efficiency
measurements characterizing the Ring Imaging CHerenkov (RICH) detector and is a primary
expert for the Hadronic Calorimeter detector and subsystem (HCal) employed throughout SBS.
Beyond professional interests, Sebastian is an accomplished hiker and cook and enjoys both.

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