Dr. Freddy Obrecht Defends Thesis (Successfully)

Congratulations to Dr. Richard F. (Freddy) Obrecht, who successfully defended his thesis, “Electric Form Factor of the Neutron From Asymmetry Measurements” on Friday, January 4, 2019.

Freddy analyzed the remaining unpublished measurement of the neutron electric form factor from experiment E02-013, that ran in Hall A in 2006, bringing it to a state of readiness for publication. He also independently re-analyzed the previously published results from the same experiment, and drafted the forthcoming archival publication for the whole experiment.

He is starting an Insight Data Science fellowship in NYC later this month, an intensive postdoctoral professional development fellowship designed to bridge the gap between academia and industry in data science. He will be missed by nuclear physics, but I know he will succeed in whatever he decides to do!